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 July 2016

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April 2011

WALKER  Res CC and RUBOB at Sydney Royal

Chantilly and Declan have babies on April 13th 2011

Jan/Feb/Mar 2011

WALKER won PIG at his first show for 2011. To date this year he has won 9 CIGs, 2 Classes in show and 4 more RuBIG awards.
In March he cracked his first BIG win at less than 14 months old and won RUBIG the next day.  He was BOB at Canberra Royal.
Katarina won BOB at her first show for 2011 and has several CIG wins this year,a RUBIG to Walker and CC and RUBOB at Canberra Royal..
Demelza wins Australian Bred in Group at Tumbarumba in March
Oliver joined us down the coast in February and won a few CCs, a BOB, was Shorted listed for BIG and won 3 Minor in Groups. At Canberra Royal he was Puppy of Breed in a large entry and in March won Puppy in group at Bethungra.

October/Nov/Dev 2010

WALKER wins more CIG wins including Puppy in Group at the NSW Spring Fair under a Canadian judge. He adds his 2nd RUBIG from the Minor Class to his achievements and Minor in Show at the Breed Club show plus a couple at other All Breeds in show awards as well.
WALKER is Top rising Star Border Terrier in Australia, in the top 10 Terrier rising Star NSW and #13 Rising Star Terrier in Australia
Katarina wins RUBIG awards and several CIG and BOBs during this time.
Demelza wins Puppy in Show at the Border Club show under Terrier specialist Geoff Blyth from Tas.
Xanadu wins lots of Challenges and BOB awards and a RUBIG in October 2010 at Bethungra.
Maddison and Oliver join the team and have lots of success in Baby Classes winning many Baby in Group awards

August/September 2010

WALKER continues to win CCs and BOB as well as his Class in group - At Tullamore he wins RUBIG to a well performing Jack Russell.
Katarina is short listed for the Group 3 times in a row and misses out but wins her class.
Jaime wins RU Best in Show at the Papillon (Dog) Club of NSW show under breed specialist Mrs Edna Flynn, she also wins Intermediate in show at Grenfell, as well as several BOB wins during the month.
Oliver wins Baby in show at the Papillon show in September and once again Xanadu wins Best Gaited and Open in Show.

JUNE/July 2010

WALKER wins 2 X Baby Puppy in Show at Parkes and he was only entered at 2 shows, then Baby at Wagga
Walker is placed 2nd in a huge sweepstakes class at Bungendore. (50 entries) and then wins Baby in Group at Harden
Off to Dubbo at the end of the Month and WALKER is now in Minor - he wins 3 CCs and 1 BOB and 3 Minor in Group on the weekend.
Katarina is Junior in Group at Parkes and BOB at all 3 shows
Demelza remembers she really does love to show and wins 2 CCs and 1 BOB at Wagga (Southern Region shows).
Fry (a Havanese) comes to live with us and wins 2 Baby in Groups and then a Baby in Show
Jaime wins BOB and Intermediate in Group at Bungendore

MAY 2010

WALKER has his first show - at 3 months he beats 2 other Border babies and then wins Baby in Group, he repeats this several times and is also successful in sweepstakes at shows in May.
ElliMae wins Intermediate in Group at Albion Park
Demelza is Minor in Group at Cootamundra and Junee

APRIL 2010

Xanadu - Bitch CC and RUBOB at the Sydney Royal (Very large entry)
Katarina - Bitch CC and RUBOB at the Sydney Royal and Junior in Show at the Canberra & District Sporting Terrier Club
Katarina - Reserve Bitch and RUBIS at the Border Terrier Sanction Show and another couple of Junior in group awards during the month.
Demelza - Baby in Show at the Bull Terrier All Terrier Champ Show
SEBASTIAN - Veteran in Show at Papillon Club of NSW Champ Show
LACHLAN - Best Ears and Fringing at the pap Club Show

 MARCH 2010

DECLAN  BIG 1 win at Boorowa
Katarina RUBIG (BIG 2) at Boorowa and BIG 1 and Junior in Show at Goulburn, followed up be a Junior In Group win in Sydney.

Kiku wins her first Challenge and Puppy in Group
Tamsin Puppy in group at Tumut

February 2010

Jaime Won 2 Junior in Groups including at the CANBERRA ROYAL
Katarina won BOB at Canberra Royal
Fletcher Dog CC and RUBOB at Canberra Royal.


Wollondilly, Tamsin Minor in Show.
Jaime Junior In Group

December News 2090

Riverina Shows at Grong Grong


 Declan BIG Friday and RUBIG Saturday
 Katarina BIG Saturday and Puppy in Group Saturday and Sunday
Jaime was Puppy In group Saturday and Sunday
Yves was 1st Non Champ Sweepstakes on Sunday

November 2009 NEWS

Young a great weekend with the Border Terriers
Boh was CC winner all 3 shows, BOB and RUBIG on Sunday.  Puppy in Group both days. 
Katarina was RUBIG and JIG on Saturday.

Bemboka a great weekend for Guilcroft
Jaime won her first BIG and followed it up with RUBIS All Breeds.
Jaime also won
BIG Sunday and Puppy in Show. 
Tamsin won her 3 challenges and Minor in Group on Saturday
Lachlan was Res CC winner on Friday. 
Xanadu won Intermediate in Group on Saturday and Sunday 

Boh was CC winner all 3 shows. 
Katarina was BOB and Puppy in Group all 3 shows

 October 2009

Goulburn was our first show on return to the mainland and we had a great day out.

Jaime won her first BOB and was also Puppy in Group. 
Tamsin won her first 2 challenges
Lachlan was BOB on Sunday.  
  Border Terrier feature show day 2 - R Jay won BOB !!

Saffron was Bitch CC and Opp sex of breed. 
Katarina was Res CC both days

Then it was off to Tasmania for our great adventure. 

Longford was the first show followed by Tasmanian Ladies KC and the Hobart Royal and the team did well.

Declan won BIG at his first show, Res CC at his second and Res CC at the Hobart Royal.

Jaime won Puppy in group at Longford and was bitch CC and RUBOB at the Hobart Royal.

Xanadu was RUBOB at Longford and Tas Ladies and Res CC at the Royal.

Quiz won 3 BOB's as well as Junior in Group at Longford.

Katarina won 2 Challenges, 1 BOB, 2 RUBOB's including RUBOB at the Royal

Boh won 2 Challenges and 1 BOB and 1 RUBOB

Canine Carnival weekend = 4 days in Canberra.

 Katarina is our star winning Res CC and PIG on Friday
BOB and Puppy in Show at the CDSTC on Saturday,
Puppy in Show and Best Gait at the Border show on Sunday
  Bitch CC on Monday under breed specialist!!

Res CC Friday
CC and RUBOB at the Terrier Show on Saturday
Res CC at the Border Terrier specialty show on Sunday
Monday Res CC, RUBOB and Junior in Group under breed specialist

R Jay wins Intermediate in Show and 1st in Sire and Progeny with his Kids Katarina and Boh



PolliYanna wins Best Head at the Border Terrier Club Show and her brother Fletcher wins his class as well

Friday Declan BOB and Aust Bred in Group

Friday Jaime CC, RUBOB and Puppy in Group

September 2009

Lockhart - Katarina - 3rd 6-12 Sweepstakes

Lockhart - Katarina - PIG

Lockhart - Jaime -PIG

Lockhart - Saffron - BOB and OIG




 Harden - Declan - ABIG

Harden - Katarina - BOB and MPIS

West Wyalong Day 3 - Jamie - MPIG

West Wyalong Day 3 - Katarina - MPIG

West Wyalong Day 2 - Katarina - S/L BIG - MPIG



August 2009

Condobolin Day 2 - Lachlan - BOB - Puppy in Show

Condobolin Day 1 - R Jay Intermediate in Group

Condobolin Day 1 - Boh - Puppy in Group

Trundle - R Jay - Intermediate in Group

Day 2 - Tullamore - Boh - BOB and Puppy in Show

Day 2 - Tullamore - Quiz - BOB and Junior in Group

Day 1 - Tullamore - Jaime - Bitch CC and MPIG


July 2009

  • Another exciting month in the show ring Katarina and Jamie both win multiple Minor Puppy in Group awards and continue to add to their Challenge points beating adults to do so.
  • Lachlan gets his first Challenge and tops it of with RUBOB to his kennel mate Xanadu
  • Xanadu wins RUBIG under Toy specialist Nicky Lane.
  • ElliMae wins Junior in Group and Saffron wins Australian Bred in Group at Bungendore.
  • R Jay wins Intermediate in group at Harden

June 2009

  • June was an exciting month - Declan became a Grand Champion, gaining his final points with a BIG win at the ACT Ladies Kennel Club show.
  • Jaime won Minor Puppy in Group and got her first 2 challenges at Southern Regions Show Sat and Sunday.  Sunday she was also Minor in Show.
  • Tamsin joined our household, she is our second Havanese.
  • Katarina and Boh both get their first challenge points and Katarina was also Minor Puppy in Group at her first show in Minor 
  • R Jay was Intermediate in group at Yass.


May 2009

  • Temora three days and we win BOB Papillon with Declan all 3 shows
  • Temora Lachlan wins Baby Puppy in Group on Sunday
  • Cootamundra and the babies do well.  Lachlan Baby in Group on Saturday and Katarina the Border Terrier Baby in Group on Sunday.
  • Quiz is BOB both days. 
  • Saffron BOB both days and short listed for BIG on Sunday.

April 2009

  •    Time for the Specialties
  • National Capital shows - Declan BOB, Xanadu Aust Bred in Group, Quiz Puppy in Group
  • Terrier Club shows - R Jay BOB one show and Saffron BOB the Sunday show
  • Canberra Toy Dog Club has 2 shows Declan BOB and Intermediate in Show at both shows, Quiz Puppy in Show on Sunday
  • Papillon Dog Club of NSW - Lachlan Baby Puppy in Show and Xanadu wins Aust Bred bitch and best gaited.
  • Sydney Royal - Xanadu wins a very big class and really looks the part.

March 2009

  • Most of March was spent overseas in North America visiting friends and relatives but we did manage one show weekend.
  • Yass show BOB both Papillon and Border Terrier and another Aust Bred in Group for Xanadu.
  • Canberra shows and Quiz Minor Puppy in Group, babies shown for the first time and BOB both Border Terrier and Papillon

February 2009

  • Canberra Royal - BOB Border Terrier with R Jay under breed specialist
  • Canberra Royal - RUBOB Havanese with Quiz and Xanadu
  • Gundagai - BOB all three breeds and Aust Bred in Group with Xanadu
  • Our first shows for the year were down the South Coast and as Pamela went by herself she only campaigned a small team.
  • Declan was BOB winner 4 of the 6 shows including 3 times being short listed for BIG, winning one RUBIG and another Intermediate in Group.  He won 69 Challenge points towards his Grand Championship title.  We are very proud of this little guy standing only 9.5 inches tall and full of spunk and attitude.
  • Declan's daughter, Xanadu, won 2 Res CC's and 2 Challenges for 27 points.  She was also Junior in Group winner at one of the shows as well as RUBOB to her father.
  • December 08 news
  • Our lovely Havanese Quiz won Minor Puppy in Group both days at ACT Ladies shows in December.
  • Then we took a break for Christmas and then had a bit of time out for illness and were not back into the ring until February 2009.
  • November 08 news
  • A wonderful weekend at the Canberra Toy dog shows under 3 toy specialists we win 6 challenges.
  • Declan was IIS at one show and Cons to RUBIS at another.
  • Xanadu got 26 points from her 2 challenges and that's enough points to apply for her title.
  • ElliMae wins her first CC and RUBOB.
  • At the Spring Fair Declan is Res CC and RUBOB and his daughter is Res CC in a strong line up.
  • At Young R Jay is Inter in Group one day and sister Vanessa is Inter in Group the other.
  • We went to Bemboka and on the Friday night Xanadu won BIG, her last show in Puppy, and father Declan was RUBOB and Inter in Group.
  • On Saturday R Jay was RUBIG and Quiz was baby puppy in group.
  • Sunday R Jay was Open in Group and Quiz baby in group again.
  • October 08 news
  • Goulburn Abbi Leigh gets her first CC at her first show she in minor, then wins MPIG. 
  • Xanadu wins PIG as well at Goulburn.  Declan was BOB.
  • SHKC we won both papillons challenges, BOB and RUBOB.
  • At Illabo R Jay is RUBIG
  • Xanadu won Puppy in group at the CABKC show during the Canine Carnival.
  • September 08 News
  • At the Papillon show Declan wins his class and then goes on to win Intermediate in Show.
  • DECLAN wins BIG at Cowra - judge was Kevin Chamberlain from NSW - Toy specialist!!
  • After her wonderful day at Grenfell Xanadu does it again and wins BOB, Runner Up BIG and Puppy in group under Mrs Annette Bowe. 
  • Not to be outdone newcomer Quiz, the Havanese pictured above, wins baby in group at his first show.
  • The Borders have a good weekend too. Zipp wins Minor in Group on Sunday and Saffron is RUBIG.  On the Saturday RJ is short listed for BIG and wins Aust Bred in Group.
  • August 08 News
  • At Grenfell Xanadu had a great day and won BOB, Runner up BIG and Puppy in Show under Toy specialist Ken Hodge. Father Declan was also Intermediate in Group.
  • On the Western circuit the border terriers had a great time
  • Condobolin Xanadu wins 3 Puppy in group wins
  • RJay adds another 2 Inter in Groups and Zipp has 3 Minor in Group wins
  • Bedgerabong R Jay was short listed fof BIG and won 2 Inter in Group awards
  • At Tullamore the Guilcroft team won at least a class in group award every day.
  • Zipp won 2 Minor in groups
  • Vanessa won Aust Bred in group
  • R Jay won a Best in Group under Terrier Specialist Wayne Lewis.
  • July 08 News
  • Xanadu wins 2 more Minor in Group awards
  • June 08 News
  • Xanadu wins another Minor in Group
  • Declan wins Intermediate in Group
  • May 08 News
  • Junee Sebastian 2nd in Veteran sweepstakes
  • Xanadu wins another Minor in Group
  • Elli Mae third in 3-6 sweepstakes
  • Temora Fletcher wins RUBIG
  • Cootamundra Xanadu wins Minor Puppy in Show on 2 days
  • APRIL 08 News
  • Another great start to the month 4th, 5th, 6th APRIL-
  • R Jay (G Vendor Finance) goes RUBIG and wins another 2 Junior in Group awards.
  • VANESSA (G Vegemite Toast) wins 2 Aust Bred in Group awards.
  • DECLAN (Flutterwing Saint Declan) wins RUBIG
  • FLETCHER (Gr Ch G Play To Win) also wins another RUBIG award

- Junior in Group at Cowra
- 3rd in 6-12 Months sweepstakes at Temora!
Webster Baby Puppy of Breed at Temora!!

Lilith goes to live with Grant and Andrew.  Blade joins Chandi and Helen in Forbes!!!

April News

Back home again and our highlight in April was winning
Puppy in show with Declan under UK Specialist at the
Papillon Club of NSW Championship show.

Sebastian returned to the ring and won
Veteran in Show at the ACT Toy Dog Club

 Border Terrier Club Sanction Show
Fletcher wins Res Dog .
Vanessa wins Baby in Show
Saffron wins Junior in Show

R Jay wins 1st Baby puppy Sweepstakes

March News

We spent March travelling overseas to Thailand, UK, Canada and USA. 

Our UK stop was Birmingham where we spent 4 days at Crufts - what a wonderful experience that was!!!

February News

Declan wins Puppy in Group at the Canberra Royal.

See the officicial website for photos http:/


January News

Fletcher wins BOB and Aust Bred

in Group

Emeline wins BOB and Jun In Group

Declan wins at Bungendore 1st 6-12 Sweeps, Reserve in Group Puppy in Group at 8 mths old!!


Papillon puppies born at Guilcroft


This is Cricket she is the only girl but she has 2 brothers.   

Webster, Bullet and Willow were born on 27th December 2006.

Sire: Gr Ch Betisechien Coolamon

Dam: Ch Quinvale Maybelene  

  November News

In November Flutterwing Saint Declan wins Minor in Show at Toy Show Judge K Chamberlain and on the next day Guilcroft Ultra Sonic wins Puppy in show, Judge K Nichols.

Puppies born to Chandi and Fletcher on 16th November 2006, 4 boys and 1 girl. 

October News

At Illabo - Emeline PIG & BOBEmeline loves Garth  Saffron winsMPIG

Border Terrier Club of NSW Show  Oct 1st 06 Judge: Terrier specialist Annette Baxter (Vic)!


Above (r)Polli Yanna wins Bitch CC. Lilith wins Puppy InShow and Justin  wins Veteran in Show 

September News

Canberra & District Sporting Terrier C lub Show Saffron (above)wins Minor in Show under Peter Tallentire


Brother and sister both win in September. 
Polli Yanna (L) wins RUBIG at Canowindra under Terrier specialist and Fletcher (R) wins BIG at Ardlethan.

ins MPIG,

Marilyn wins BOB and Puppy in Group at Grenfell!

August News

Garth and Pamela headed off to Central NSW for a circuit of shows.  They had a lovely successful time with their winning team of dogs. 
The biggest star was Fletcher winning 1 BIG, 3 BIG 2nds, 6 Age classes in group and 11 Best of Breeds. Other borders  in the team to do well were Saffron winning 2 Baby in Group awards, Lilith was 3rd in the Brace event with Marilyn  who also won best Puppy in Group twice along the way one BOB and many challenges.  
The papillons also had success.  Emeline won 
 her age class in group 3 times and Minor Puppy in Show.  
Raynboh also won Baby puppy in group on 2 occassions.

**July News**

**Lilith (Guilcroft Saskatoon Lily) & Emeline (Guilcroft Ultra Sonic)**

both win ***Minor Puppy in group***  at the inaugural  Bungendore and Palerang Kennel Club show!!!


Saffron hits the ring with style wins Baby Puppy in group under Terrier specialist Candy Way from USA. 

See her new profile in the Our Dogs Section!!!

Guilcroft Ultra Sonic - Emeline Wins Minor Puppy in Group in Canberra both days in July.. 

June News

Guilcroft Saskatoon Lily - Lilith wins her first Challenge as well as a few Minor in Group awards in June.
Guilcroft Ultra Sonic - Emeline flies to win Baby Puppy in Group at Yass 2 days.
Craigend Welsh Wren  - Marilyn  - Wins her first Challenge points.  In one weekend she is awarded 15 points!!! 
also wins Minor Puppy in Group 2 days over the long weekend beating other puppies in strong competition. 

May News!!

 At the Border Terrier Club Sanction we won:

Runner Up Best in Show, Reserve Dog, Aust Bred in Show,

Reserve Bitch and Baby Puppy in Show 

Judge for the breed classes was Mr Kerry Lee from Victoria!!!

RUBIS was won by Ch Guilcroft Play To Win, he was Reserve dog behind his father and Aust Bred in Show. 

Sister Polli Yanna was Reserve bitch and daughter Saskatoon Lily was Best Baby Puppy in show.

We also bred Best Neuter in show Ch Guilcroft Jerry Piper AD, ET, SE, JD

Jerry is owned by Dr Penny Mead.



After the trip to New Zealand and some family celebrations - PAMELA'S PARENTS CELEBRATED 50 YEARS OF MARRIAGE!!!!, there was not much time for showing but Sydney Royal was once again successful for GUILCROFT with CH GUILCROFT PLAY TO WIN (FLETCHER) winning DOG CHALLENGE and RUNNER UP BEST OF BREED and  his kennel mate CH GUILCROFT ON THE EDGE (BLADE) winning the OPEN DOG class.






 MARILYN - (CRAIGEND WELSH WREN)..Wins Baby Puppy in Group on her first outing as well as 2nd in 3-6 months sweepstakes - both wins under Terrier Specialists.


She wins 2 Inter in shows, 4 Inter in Group as well as RUBIG - all in one weekend.  Three of the four shows under Border Terrier specialists.  The she wins Res CC at
THE CANBERRA ROYAL under a breed specialits from the UK.


First show for 2006 - Ch Guilcroft Polli Yanna wins Best in Group!!!! under Terrier specialist Alan Gregory from NSW at Tarago Show Society Show

Then at Bungendore on the next day - Ch Guilcroft on The Edge wins ABIG

Papillon Puppies  whelped at Guilcroft first litter for 12 years!!!



We have had Border Terrier puppies the S (We kept Saskatoon Lily)and the T litter have been born.  Despite all the drama we have 9 live puppies, 4 boys and 5 girls. 
Stay turned for an update
but for now here is a photos of Border Terriers doing what they like best- EATING!


November News

Ch Rhozzum Macbeth (IMP UK) sires a litter of 5 - 4 boys and 1 girl to Ch Notabena Finnish Phaze a lovely lady from this litter is coming to join us at Guilcroft. Marilyn has joined the team and is a great companion for Lilith. 

~~~~~~OCTOBER NEWS~~~~~~


Chandi was Best in Group at JUNEE- see her profile in Our Borders section!! she was also Runner Up BIG in August at Condobolin.

Then At the Border Terrier Club of NSW  Ch Guilcroft Play To Win won Intermediate in Show 

& his son

Guilcroft Royal Archer won Minor Puppy in Show 



****Ch Guilcroft On The Edge****


Best in Group at EUGOWRA - see his profile in Our Borders section!!



**September News**

Polli Yanna wins Res CC and Open in Show at Border Terrier Club show under breed specialist Robert Bartram (NSW) and again R Jay wins Puppy in Show

Justin wins Veteran in Show for the second year running at the breed specialty show.

Polli Yanna wins BOB at Canberra Terrier Club
and is shortlisted for Best in Show & her nephew R Jay wins Puppy in Show!!

Declan wins BOB and Junior in Group at CABKC

Sebastian wins  Dog CC and RU Best in Show at the club specialty show

Declan wins Junior in Show

R Jay wins another Puppy in group  at Murrumburrah Harden!!!

More August News

Fletcher wins 2 BIGs at the 2 shows he was entered in on the
***Condobolin/Parkes weekend***
R Jay wins another Puppy in group and Members sweepstakes 6-12 months and takes home the trophy!!!
Vanessa wins Junior in Group at Condobolin as well !!!
Saffron wins Australian Bred in Group at Parkes
  **What a weekend**
August News

At Bedgerabong Fletcher was short listed for BIG and his son
R Jay won Puppy in Group again.  The 4 shows atTullamore were the first stop on  our yearly trip out West.  Fletcher was RUBIG one day & R Jay won Puppy In Group - 3 of the days out there.

July News


R Jay (Ch Guilcroft Vendor Finance) TOP Border Terrier puppy -
National Dogzonline Pointscore
 5th puppy in NSW - ALL TERRIERS!!!!

Declan wins Intermediate in Group at Bungendore & Tarago first shows for 2008!!

Marilyn has one dog puppy -  R Jay is the proud dad.

 Puppies will leave home this month starting a new chapter in their lives!


July was a quiet month. 
Mostly getting ready for August and our trip away. 
We showed at Bungendore and Harden. 
Bullet was BOB at Bungendore from the minor class handled by his new owner Giselle.

June News

  •  MARCH 08 News
  • WOW what can we say - where do we start.
  • Easter -
  • FLETCHER - BOB at Royal Easter Show!!!
  • Papillon show under breed specialist - GUILCROFT has a wonderful day!!
  • Declan wins Dog CC and RUBIS as well as Inter in Show - 146 papillons entered.
  • Yves wins Baby in Show (32 babies) Ace is third in baby dog (13- entered) and Xanadu is 2nd (/19)!   Webster is Junior in Show
  • Declan wins Inter in Group and Xanadu wins Baby in Group on Friday in Canberra and Xanadu is placed 2nd in 3-6 sweepstakes!
  • Eugowra - Sunday
  • Vanessa wins RUBIG, R Jay wins Junior in Group and dad Fletcher wins Open in Group.
  • Not to be out done Declan wins Runner Up and Inter in Group as well!!!
  • Eugowra - Xanadu wins Baby in Group on Saturday!
  • Fletcher (Grand Champion Guilcroft Play To Win)
  • Xanadu (Guilcroft Xanadu Magic) wins Baby Puppy in group and Ch Flutterwing Saint Declan is Group 2nd.
  • Feb 08 News
  • Fletcher (Grand Champion Guilcroft Play To Win)
  • Best of Breed Canberra Royal
  • Saffron (Champion Craigend Welsh Mead)
  • Bitch CC - Canberra Royal
  • Xanadu (Guilcroft Xanadu Magic)
  • Baby of Breed Canberra Royal
  • Declan (Champion Flutterwing Saint Declan)Declan
  • Intermediate of Breed Canberra Royal
  • R Jay (Ch Guilcroft Vendor Finance) Junior in Group at Bega
  • Xanadu (Guilcroft XANADU MAGIC)
  • shown x 3 at the coast with 2 Baby of Breed wins - lots of puppies THERE!!
  •  Jan 08 News
  • **November/December News**
  • R Jay and Vanessa win BOB at Young, ACTLKC and National Capital shows and get enough points for both of them to become Champions!!!!
  • Nikita has a litter on 15th November - 2 boys and 2 girls
  •    Nikita (L) and her son Yves (R)
  • Yasmin has a litter on 8th November 07 - 2 boys and 2 girls
  •   Two of the puppies 3 weeks old
  • **October News**
  • Vanessa wins 13 point CC at CABKC

    Lots of shows in June:

    Declan JIG  and R Jay PIG at Southern Region shows

    Vanessa and R Jay win classes in Group at Leeton-Griffith under Terrier specialist Mrs L Hindley

    Declan wins Best in Group at Yass - the week after he gets his final points!!

    Fletcher gets his 1000 points to be a Grand ChampionFletcher head study!

    - Marilyn and Declan become Champions

  • May News
  • Not much showing this month due to family commitments
  • Declan wins again;


West Wyalong Day 3 - Katarina - MPIG

West Wyalong Day 2 - Katarina - BOB - S/L BIG & MPIG

West Wyalong Day 1 - Boh - BOB


Saffron  wins Aust Bred in Show, 3rd in Gait Class and 1st in Dam and Progeny with his Kids Katarina and Boh



November 2009

BABKC Show - Xanadu was the star winning BOB and Intermediate in group
Katarina was BOB 
 Boh Runner Up and the Challenge. 
There were other Border Terriers there.

Young show - Saturday Katarina BOB and Runner Up BIG
Sunday Boh BOB & Runner Up BIG under Terrier Specialists.
Declan BOB on Sunday.
Jaime won the Challenge on Sunday!

Puppies born at GUILCROFT on 2nd November 3 beautiful girls Demelza, Faith and Darkleigh!!

Bemboka a weekend to remember.

Jaime won Best in Group on Friday and Sunday.
Friday Jaime went on to win Runner Up Best in Show.
Sunday she won Puppy in Show.

Xanadu was Intermediate in Group on Saturday and Sunday.
Katarina won BOB and Puppy in group all three days.
Tamsin won 3 Challenges, 1 RUBOB and 1 Minor Puppy in Group over the weekend.



Young and a good weekend for Border Terriers
Boh was Runner Up in group on Sunday.  Puppy in Group both days. 
Katarina was BOB and Puppy in Group all 3 shows







Declan was BIG on Friday and RUBIG Saturday and not entered on Sunday.
Jaime was PIG Saturday and Sunday and BOB on Sunday.
Tamsin won 2 challenges. 
Yves won Non Champion sweepstakes on Sunday and won Dog CC.

Boh was CC winner all 3 shows. 
Katarina was BIG on Saturday, and Puppy in Group on Saturday and Sunday.


Demelza wins Baby in Show at both the Canberra & District Sporting Terrier Club show and NSW Border Club show
Declan was Opposite Aust Bred in Show at the NSW Papillon Show
Sebastian wins Veteran in Show at the NSW Papillon Show
was Veteran in Show at the NSW Border Terrier Club Show
Lachlan wins Best Ears and Best Fringing at the NSW Papillon Show
Katarina was bitch CC and RUBOB at the Sydney Royal, Junior in Show at Canberra & District Sporting Terrier Club show, Res Bitch, JIS and RUBIS at the Border Terrier Sanction Show.

Contact Details

Pamela and Garth Harding
Near Temora, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0408206662
Email : [email protected]